Idea & implementation

«We have always been fascinated by the
light-drenched, southern atmosphere of the Ticino
countryside. The sunny days spent on Lago
Maggiore, surrounded by lush Mediterranean ve-
getation – now we have found the place for it.
With this open, generously-proportioned new building
in the best location in Ascona, we can realise our
vision of living close to nature: big, light-filled rooms,
an approach to energy that is sustainable together
with innovations such as the Biopool and roof
garden. We wanted to bring people together in an
inspiring environment.»

The Owner

«The clean, minimal architectural language combined
with abundant transparency enables a dialogue
with the natural environment. The inner convictions
of the builder are expressed. The building is
discreet and functional as seen from the outside
– representing the most up to date and environ-
mentally friendly building technologies – while
the interior and exterior rooms should reflect the
individual needs and visions of the inhabitants.
We are grateful for the confidence entrusted us by
the client and regard this as a challenge in
creative cooperation and responsible realisation.»

The Architects